• Do not charge devices in the car
  • Do Not Leave it charging longer than recommended by the manufacturer

  • Take off the pod before you charge your device

  • 5 Clicks to turn on/off

  • Check if the coil is properly seated

  • Do not leave the device in hot or cold conditions

  • Do not over-pack or overfill the device 

  • If it’s not working right away, put it on the charger for 5-10 min

  • Inspect disposables before leaving the store

  • Use batteries with the same wattage and capacity

  • Do not use damaged or old batteries

  • Use the correct charger – do not use cell phone chargers

Return Policy


Please test all disposables prior to leaving the property, no refunds or exchanges of disposables are allowed after they have left the store. 

*The store manager MAY make an exception for Manufacturer defects

Exchange Policy:

  • The product has a manufacturer’s defect 
  • Must be within 7 days of purchase
  • Must have receipt
  • The Staff will troubleshoot the defective item prior to exchange
  • Defective items can only be exchanged for the same item.