The best way to consume tobacco without having to roll your own.

Dry Pipes, Water Pipes and Oil Rigs

Pipes are an alternative way of consuming tobacco without having to roll your own. There are many different styles of pipes but tend to fall into three main categories: Dry pipes, waterpipes, and oil rigs. The difference between them is simple, dry pipes include any pipe that has no use of a water filtration system, such as hand pipes and chillums. Waterpipes and oil rigs both have the ability to filter the smoke through water, and can sometimes come with percolators for added diffusion, which cleans and cools the draw. Waterpipes and oil rigs differ only in the style slide used to combust the type of material the consumer is using; an oil rig uses a nail to heat concentrates while a waterpipe uses a slide for dry tobacco. Either can be converted to the other simply by switching out the main slide.

Smokers Haven carries the largest selection of dry pipes, waterpipes, and oil rigs. With thousands of options to choose from, ranging anywhere to chillums, steam rollers, novelty pipes, metal, stone, nectar collectors and more, you’ll be sure to find that eye-catching piece that suits your personality! Be sure to check out our forever expanding silicone selection! Silicone is shatterproof and can withstand most temperatures without melting, making them perfect for on the go and easy to wash!

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