WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Randy's Pure Air Personal Filter


Randy's Pure Air


Say goodbye to second-hand smoke with Randy's Pure Air personal air filter! These eco-friendly filters are portable and are great for indoors and out. Lasts for up to 300 uses and comes with 2 convenient silicone jars for storage. 





OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers


OCB bamboo

 Ultra-thin, vegan, and made of, bamboo? That's right! America's only bamboo rolling paper has just hit our shelves! Harvested from bamboo fibers and made with natural acacia gum, you'll enjoy the smooth, slow burn of OCB's finest! Available in 1 1/4 and 110mm.




Pulsar Micro Enail


Pulsar Enail


This kit has everything you need to start dabbing safer without the need of a torch! The enail will evenly heat products with a universal titanium nail that has 6 sizes in one! Easy to control temperature settings ranging 220 - 900 degrees with a digital display. 




King Palm Products


King Palm

 King palm products are handmade from 100% natural palm leaf and contain no tobacco or added chemicals. Each wrap is slow burning and feature a corn husk filter. We carry a large variety of King palm products in many sizes and flavors!




Cleaning Supplies


Cleaning Supplies

 Regularly cleaning your pieces will increase the lifespan, as well as improve the overall flavor of your products. Shop a large variety of cleaning supplies: Cleaning solutions, pipe cleaners, q-tips, multi-tools, Peace Water, and so much more!




Special Blue Room Spray


Special Blue Spray

Special Blue Sp​rays are perfect for getting out unwanted odors from smoke, pets, kitchens, bathrooms, and more! Available in 8 scents!

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