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Hookahs and Shisha

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A hookah is a type of waterpipe used for smoking flavored tobacco, known in the United States as Shisha. Shisha is typically shredded tobacco leaf flavored with molasses, honey or dried fruit. The shisha is placed in the bowl and is heated with the help of lit charcoal. As the charcoal heats the tobacco – separated with foil or with a thin metal sheet – the product is slowly heated, and smoke is created. When you inhale, the smoke is pulled through a hose and down into the water base, cooling it before beings inhaled into the lungs.
We carry a wide variety of hookahs ranging in all sizes, styles, and colors. Come check out the Starbuzz shisha line! Starbuzz premium hookah shisha comes in a large variety of unique flavors you can't find in any other brand, with fan favorites such as Blue Mist, Pirates Cave, Pomberry, and many more! If you’re looking for hookah accessories and great quality charcoal, make Smokers Haven your one shop stop for all your hookah needs!


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