WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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E-cigarettes function the same way as more advanced vape devices but are much smaller and offer a smaller cloud production. These devices use pods that snap in and out of the device and fire via a button or automatic draw. Because of its low power and smaller clouds, the nicotine content is generally higher, delivering an experience that is close to an actual cigarette. E-cigarette pod systems come in open, or closed system devices. A closed system device limits you to the pre-filled pods provided by the manufacturer, such as Juul or Myle. These closed systems pods are not refillable and you are limited on flavor and nicotine strength. An open system device allows you to manually refill an empty pod with any  nicotine salt e-liquid  of your choosing, like Suorin or Smok. Using an open system, you can buy any bottle of  salt e-liquid  at varying nicotine strengths and flavors.

Each device system has its own features. We have trained associates ready to help you find what options suit you best depending on your use and goals.

We carry a wide variety of both system types, as well as disposable e-cigarettes. For closed-pod Juul users, come check out our selection of Juul compatible pods in reputable brands like Cali, Delicious, Airbender, Ziip, 4x, Eonsmoke, Mr. Fog, Just Mango, SKOL, Huff and Puff, and many more!

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